English Assesment

English Assesmenmt

To solve the challenge of assessing English reading, listening, writing and spoken skills, MKCL has developed a smart and intelligent solution using MKCL’s home grown assessment framework. This solution has various question types for assessing the respective skill, like-

For Writing: Innovative method to type the long answers in the timed online exam on a WordPad which is intellisense free. Auto evaluation of the grammatical errors in the typed text, marks allocated to candidate after moderation.

Question Types:

  1. Scrambled Sentences
  2. Forming Questions From Answers
  3. Error Correction
  4. Rewrite a Paragraph Without Mistakes
  5. Long Answers as User Input

For Spoken

Questions which accept response in the form of audio-visual from the candidate. Complete workflow management for evaluating the recorded media

For Reading & Listening

Multimedia Comprehension and multiple choice questions